Wednesday, January 7, 2015

epic and free wallpapers

if you're like me you've probably googled "watercolour desktop wallpapers" about 10,000 times. Well, after many many hours of, let's call it research, here are some of my personal favourites!

We will start with prehaps the most well known provider of amazingness, Bri Emery from DesignLoveFest.

DesignLoveFest // Dress Your Tech

Source: Link here
[below is a sample of some of the amazing work you can download for free on the site!]



Kate Spade // Behind the Curtain Blog

Source: Link here
[below is an itty bitty preview so head to the link above to grab the full screen versions!]

Check out this extremely gorgeous desktop!

Cocorrina // Downloadables

Source: Link here
[below are itty bitty previews so remember to go to the link above to grab the full resolution versions!]

Gorgeous watercolour, floral and scenic wallpapers available here - go on, get!



Eat Drink Chic

Source: Link here
[again, the usual re below being previews so go to the link above to grab the full resolution versions!]

Usually my favourite haunt for grabbing gorgeous free event printables, Eat Drink Chic offer a few lovely desktop wallpapers along with iphone wallpapers!

I'll add to the list as i discover sites so shout out if you know of any great ones we can add!
Friday, December 26, 2014

2015 pantone colour of the year // marsala

if you've seen the news design blogs and websites, then you would have seen that marsala has been named the pantone colour of the year for 2015.  The Executive Director of Pantone, Leatrice Eiseman, describes marsala as:

Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.

Do you love it or hate it?

Oh-so-lovely invitations // Lani Elias via Magnolia Rouge
Gorgeous DIY Floral Arrangement // Green Wedding Shoes
Sweet ‘Love’ Place Settings // Ruffled
Stand out ‘Red Door’ Shot // Green Wedding Shoes
'No-whine-necessary' wine // Jenna Henderson via Grey Likes Weddings
Sunday, June 29, 2014

perth | the unexpectedly awesome city

i was lucky enough to head to perth for work in june this year.  i won't lie - when i googled "things to do in perth" there wasn't a great array of choices for someone limited to staying within the city (or easily accessible by public transport).  it didn't really matter that much to me because as i said i was there to work, not play.

but wow did i get an unexpected surprise! perth is actually incredibly funky! it may have a bad rap (or no real rap really when it's been compared against Sydney or Melbourne and the new favourite - Hobart) but i think Perth is honestly undersold.  It's definitely one to watch.

Below are a few things I strongly suggest checking out while you're in the western state.

PUBLIC is an initiative by FORM (whose byline is aptly "building a state of creativity") where public buildings have been taken over by urban art from an array of local and international artists.  There is a walking tour (which I've jotted down for my next trip!) and there is a map available on their website if you want to check them out yourself.  

They're in car parks, (Anya Brock's "Fierce Face" below was in a car garage and the piece in the middle below was in a Wilson's Car Park), lane ways (Wolf Lane is the absolute heart and soul of the project - there are so many amazing pieces nestled amongst this hidden gem) and the sides of buildings.

Just off Wolf Lane is King Street.  While the brands like Tiffany, Louis Vutton and Gucci that call King Street home are out of most peoples price range, the stores themselves are definitely on the list of gorgeous buildings you need to check out.  They're located on King Street and while it only takes a minute or two to stroll down, its definitely worth it, and hey, you'll be in Wolf Lane so it's just right there ;) 


Fremantle is about a 30 minute train trip from the City.  It's super easy to get to (literally hop on one train!) and is really worth the trip.  I went on a Friday night and it was ALIVE with people, music and awesome shopping.  Unfortunately it was a little dark and I didn't get to see the beach / water outlooks but if it's half as good during the day as it is at night, I'm sure its awesome.

While you're there be sure to check out Fremantle Markets and Fremantle Prison (which is by tour only but they're informative and fun and the actual gaol is very interesting, with the prison yards even featuring paintings from former inmates, including the work of indigenous australians who had painted in their cells)

Be sure to also check out MANY6160 - a gallery space in a former Myer that houses pop up shops from various artists, including Anya Brock who has two art pieces in Wolf Lane.

While you're over there there is also a pretty awesome zoo which is home to two very creative elephants (and yes, i bought one of their art pieces - how could I not with funds going to elephant protection causes! plus they look super cool).  You can get to the zoo by ferry from the city.  It's a short but beautiful trip over the Swan River.

Overall Perth is a pretty amazing place.  The blending of federation buildings and modern buildings is beautiful, with its hidden alley ways, countless (i mean countless!) arcades of shops and street art, Perth is full of unexpected treats.  I'm definitely planning a trip back.

We'd love to hear any Perth tips you have below!

Friday, May 30, 2014

dressed to impress

some brides would argue that the most exciting part of the wedding planning process is selecting the dress, others say it's the most stressful.  there are so many different styles of dresses, so how do you know which is the one right? One way is to say it will be the most flattering to your body shape AND you will instantly love it and therefore know it was meant to be yours.  Seems easy enough... (yeah, right)

in the first of a series of posts on the all-important wedding gown, first we'll take a look at the initial styles/shapes of dresses:

Thursday, May 29, 2014

moodboard | feminine chic

If there was a rehab for people who can't stop making moodboards, i'd need to be admitted asap.  i'd probably include a moodboard in my application. in case im being too subtle, i love moodboards.

i created the below many (many) months ago for a client in an interior design assignment - she was super into audrey hepburn, pinks, pastels and vintage.  

i'm in the process of creating sources for the images (i created it when it was just for personal use so like a silly person i didn't keep track of the sources!) links TBC
Tuesday, October 8, 2013

[spotlight on] etsy store - draw the dress

do you completely love your wedding dress? me too. well, i dont know what it looks like but im a girl who loves weddings so i think im genetically inclined to love wedding dresses on principle.

if you're looking for a way to immortalise your dress, or to have it somewhere you can see it everyday (without dragging it out of storage) then you NEED to check out Chelsey's store on etsy.  She will sketch your wedding dress in fabulous style.

this is also a brilliant idea for a gift for the soon-to-be bride.  just too pretty.

as a customer of chelsey's i can also say she's completely lovely to work with and is ultra talented! [trying not to hate her... ;) kidding, she is really lovely].

you need to check out her store - which you can find on etsy here.


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